Bridges has left the building

National Party leader Simon Bridges met with South Taranaki residents in Hawera today where approximately 120 people showed up to support his journey and question his intentions in the 2020 elections.

He was around 10 minutes late, however, residents aren’t holding that against him like Duncan Garner did when Winston Peters was late for his interview on the AM show

Photo: S T Digest

As most politicians do, he spent a majority of the time telling locals what the current government is doing wrong instead of what they’d do if voted in next term.

Bridges took questions from the crowd who touched on Micoplasma bovis and the pathways going forward around the use of electric vehicles and the road taxes currently being implemented in Auckland.

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Local iwi leader Debbie Ngarewa-Packer questioned Bridges on the South Taranaki economy and what National would do to boost it.

This is one stop in Bridges tour around New Zealand and his next stop will be in Inglewood then New Plymouth this evening.

View our live stream here 

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