Stock on the road can be deadly

When it comes to stock and public roads, there is an elevation of risk and likewise responsibility for both the farmer and the road users.

Stock on roads are extremely unpredictable and can cause accidents that are sometimes fatal. The most important thing to do if you see stock on roads or a compromised gate or fence is to alert the nearest farmer and/or animal control through the local council.

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Whilst farmers are constantly driving through paddocks checking on stock and their fences and gates, sometimes a broken fence or loose gate can be missed.

A police spokesperson has said officers have attended 135 animal related complaints since June 2017 in the South Taranaki district.

If you come across stock on the road, the best thing you can do immediately is take caution, go to the nearest farmhouse or phone the council on 0800111323. If you believe a public safety risk applied, phone emergency services.

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