Eltham man called out for cruelty

Eltham man Wade Kennedy posted to Snapchat what he thought was a bit of fun.

In the video that has been viewed over 10,000 times and shared nearly 250 times, Kennedy can be seen blowing smoke into the face of a small kitten while a unknown female holds it.

View the video here

This has caused massive uproar in the South Taranaki community and people who know Kennedy have posted his address to Facebook.

Kennedy can be heard saying that he found the cat today and it was the second time he had gotten it wasted. He also says in the video that “my other cats are used to it”

It’s believed that Police and SPCA have been notified of the situation and charges will be laid.

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  1. Well, this is a good step to stopping cruelty to animals. What about the people who commit horrific acts of cruelty to dogs through dog fighting or the inhumane treatment of cats and dogs in the process of eating them? In my opinion, the only way to end cruelty is to send a person to jail for a minimum of a year, given a hefty fine, made to do community service for another year once out of jail, banned from ever owning an animal, banned from any financial help from the government for life, given a criminal record and made to wear an ankle bracelet so the authorities know where the person is at all times! People may ask, “What about a person’s rights?” Well, when a person commits any sort of crime against animals, those rights should be dismissed from these people. The penalties need to be so dire that no one will ever want to commit such crimes! This is the only way; no second chances, no excuse that s/he isn’t old enough. Nothing! If you’re found guilty you suffer the horrific consequences that will inevitably affect every aspect of a person’s life!


  2. The woman in it is called Tania Longstaff, she works at Countdown. Call her out. She is just as bad. Contact her work place .


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