Dead chook, dented cars and broken windows in Eltham

Residents near Taumata Park in Eltham are fed up with objects being hurled at their properties.

Sheryl Vecchia who lives in the area says this has been an ongoing issue for the neighborhood for over a year and everyone is over it.

My main concern is the cost of repairing the damage to my property, insurance claims are useless. Who wants their premiums to go up just to make a claim.

Vecchia says her and the neighbors have had windows broken, spouting cracked, a chook killed, perspex roof broken, and cars dented by rocks, golf balls and tennis balls.

It has now gotten to the point that residents are having security cameras installed to catch the culprits.

These aren’t little kids accidently hitting the ball over the fence, it’s teenagers intentionally throwing objects at our houses and running away.

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