Guy Williams leads non-racist Christmas parade in Hawera

Former Jono & Ben co-host Guy Williams has been in Hawera for the past two days preparing content for his new NZ On Air funded show “New Zealand Today”.

Interviewing locals on the streets of Hawera on Thursday, Guy & his team were welcomed into the South Taranaki town with open arms.

On Friday, they held a parody Christmas parade in the Furlong Motel carpark with locals showing up to support the new show.

Ponies, tractors, dogs & cheerleaders were amongst the line up pointing fun at the recent “Lions club Black Face debacle that caused controversy across the world.

A banner was held by locals worded “1st Annual Hawera non-racist April Christmas Parade”.

Whilst here, the tv star and his crew visited and climbed the Hawera Water Tower to film a segment of their show which is confirmed to be airing in July.

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