No sign of any unusual conditions at Ohawe following complaint

Taranaki Regional Council communications manager, Rustie Ritchie has confirmed they were notified of discoloration and foam at the Ohawe Beach over the weekend.

The Council contacted the person making the complaint and advised that as it was some time after the incident it would make any investigation difficult.

Ali Brooks|Facebook

A Council officer carried out an investigation of the area and there was no sign of any unusual conditions.

Ohawe local, Ali Brooks took to Facebook on Wednesday following a visit to the beach. He’s taken it upon himself along with others in the small town to have the waterway tested and talks are currently underway with local Iwi and PKW.

If people have any environmental concerns anywhere in the region they should call the Taranaki Regional Council as soon as possible on the Environmental Hotline 0800 736 222. Council staff will respond 24/7 to investigate environmental incidents and to control and clean up any pollution.

A South Taranaki District Council spokesperson has said this issue falls under the expertise of the Region Council and people should contact them if issues such as this arise.

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