Traveling rocks a game for all ages #TaranakiRocks

Rosalea Webby and Lisa Beckett started a rock hunting game in Taranaki about two years ago after it became popular in other areas. It started in Palmerston North and was inspired by an American group.

It’s a scavenger hunt but for painted rocks says Webby.

The idea is to paint rocks, hide them in local parks and playgrounds for others to find them and post a photo to the Taranaki Rocks Facebook group.

You then hide them in a different spot for the next person.

I used to live in Stratford and my kids got bored with walking through the same park every day to and from school so it seemed a good way to get them excited about it again, which it did. – Webby

We have a Google maps in the group where people can add their local parks where they’ve hidden rocks,

that has been super cool because there are some parks that I’d never heard of before despite having lived in Taranaki most of my life.

We’ve explored our region a lot more than we would have because of it.

We try to keep the ‘rules’ to a minimum. We ask people paint and seal rocks properly so they aren’t a hazard to the environment or wildlife, and no kids end up with messy hands from wet paint.

A few Taranaki Rocks have ended up overseas. Others have also become treasures- I’ve heard of a few toddlers who have taken their finds to bed as they would a teddy bear Webby says.

The idea is to rehide but if they’ve fallen in love we’re not in to making kids cry so it’s no big deal.

If you want to get involved, join the Taranaki Rocks Facebook group.

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