Dark hair, brown eyed boy wanted for poverty advertisment

The Kai Kitchen Trust was under fire today when they posted a request on social media asking for a dark haired, brown eyed boy to pose for photos imitating they live in poverty.

The post requested a boy aged between 8 and 10 years old, with dark hair and brown eyes, wearing broken shoes or bare foot.

Locals were outraged by the request and it was deleted shortly after being published.

The trust are building a new website and needed the photos for that and their social media platforms.

Comments on the thread

– Why dark hair and brown eyes?

– Dumb way to put across a poor Maori boy

– Don’t like the fact you are looking for dark hair and brown eyes. That to me feels like you are saying you’re looking for a Maori? It’s not just dark haired brown eyed kids going hungry.

In response to our story, the Kai Kitchen trust re worded their post

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