Small South Taranaki towns have possible revamp ahead

This month the South Taranaki District Council (STDC) is taking a roadshow around the district to find out what residents would like to see happen in some of the smaller town centres.

South Taranaki Mayor Ross Dunlop says the aim of the master planning exercise is to develop a suite of actions for each town’s CBD which can be included in the Council’s next Long Term Plan in 2021.

“Following similar planning work done on the Hāwera town centre, the Council is embarking on a process to develop town centre masterplans for Eltham, Ōpūnake, Manaia, Pātea and Waverley,” he says.

“The contract to undertake this work was awarded to a partnership of three companies (Veros, Rationale and Landlab) who have worked together before to deliver similar projects in other parts of New Zealand. They are holding roadshows in each town asking the relevant communities for their thoughts and ideas. We want to know what plans businesses have and what the community would like to see in their town CDBs,” says Mayor Dunlop.

The masterplans will look at things like movement in and around the CBDs (pedestrians, cycles and vehicles), sustainable design and the relationship of adjoining developments.

The aim is to have the town masterplans prepared in draft form around August this year.

Mayor Dunlop says the town centre masterplan work is part of the Council’s vision to make South Taranaki the most liveable District in New Zealand.

“We know we can’t afford to do everything at once, but by making these masterplans we can start looking at ways of budgeting for and realising the communities’ needs over time.”

Mayor Dunlop says the master planning project demonstrates Council’s ongoing commitment to the district’s smaller towns.

“Where the trend has been for other agencies to pull out of our small towns (like post offices, banks and government agencies), the Council has made a deliberate commitment to maintaining facilities such as libraryplus centres, swimming pools, parks and other recreation infrastructure in our small towns. This is what makes South Taranaki so unique,” he says.

Recent examples include the refurbishment of Kaponga and Pātea LibraryPlus centres, work on the Hunter Shaw Building, the Manaia Swimming Pool upgrade and the upcoming new Manaia Community Facility.

Workshops – register by emailing or phone 0800 111 323

Ōpūnake Monday 13 May, Sandfords Event Centre, 5pm-7pm

Eltham Tuesday 14 May, Taumata Park Rec centre, 5pm-7pm

Manaia Wednesday 15 May, Gibson Hall, 5pm-7pm

Pātea Thursday 23 May, Pātea Old Folks Hall, 5pm-7pm

Waverley Friday 24 May, Waverley Community Centre, 5pm-7pm

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