South Taranaki family farming ancient superseed quinoa

A south Taranaki family see a possible solution to the planet’s pressing environmental and food-supply issues.

Kate and Hamish Dunlop, along with their four children are farming quinoa which is an annual seed-producing flowering plant grown as a grain crop. The plant has twice the protein level of rice and is a complete protein because it contains all nine amino acids required by the body.

Kate Dunlop told This is Life editor Lucy Corry “We think growing quinoa will help us be part of the future of farming.”

Image: Tessa Chrisp | Thisnzlife

“We want to be able to look after the land and provide nutritious food,” – Kate Dunlop

The family have planted thousands of trees, fenced waterways and created a 6 hectare trust bush reserve since moving to their South Taranaki abode.

The Dunlop’s had to take all the well-intentioned advice with a grain of salt when they asked fellow growers how it was done.. Most of the world’s quinoa is grown in the Andean regions of South America, and no one knew if it would suit New Zealand conditions.

“Like most farmers we have heard all the stories on the problems the world faces, and as farmers we want to be part of the future, help solve some of those issues, and plant proteins are going to be a huge part of future food.”

Three years later, they are only the second commercial grower of the healthy seed in New Zealand.

Hamish Dunlop, son of South Taranaki Mayor Ross, said growing the new crop fitted well into the farming operation and they saw it as an extension of their commitment to farming sustainably and producing top quality food.

The couple have also leased some land in the Manawatu where they’re also growing quinoa.

Source: This is NZ Life

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