Drug paraphernalia amongst rubbish collected at Hawera Skatepark

The Hawera Mt View Lions Club members were saddened and concerned when they found empty pill packets, gas canisters and a make-shift pipe on the Hawera Skatepark grounds.

Supplied | Mt View Lions

Hawera Mt View Lions president Stephanie Jordan said the club have been cleaning up local areas as part of an environmental projet they adopted around a month ago.

It’s hard to believe this sort of thing is being done when all ages of children and young adults use the park. There are rubbish bins at the park but still people aren’t using them. Hawera is better than this.

The idea to start on the skate park came when club members were taking their children and grandchildren to play but were faced with the mess left by previous visitors of the area.

Supplied | Mt View Lions

Broken glass, clothing and general rubbish was also found during the clean up by the small team, and that didn’t include the items found in the surrounding bushes.

Supplied | Mt View Lions

The club plan to visit the park often to combat the mess that’s becoming dangerous to the legitimate visitors to the area.

South Taranaki District Council spokesman Gerard Langford said the Hawera skate park is a great facility enjoyed by many young people so it is really disappointing and concerning that a few individuals are abusing it.

Mayor Ross Dunlop, has spoken with the Hawera police and asked if they could increase their presence and monitoring of the area.

We would also encourage anyone who sees such inappropriate activity to report it to the police immediately.

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