Free fresh food stand adopted in Patea

A food stand has been erected in Patea to help alleviate waste and offer fresh fruit and veg to those that need it.

They are popping up all over the country as a way to share excess fresh fruit and veg within smaller communities.


The stands are primarily for fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as eggs, but they can also take small donations of non-perishable foods, such as preserves or canned goods. Home baking is also accepted, but other cooked food is not.

Those collecting food from the stand are asked to only take that they need and donate when they can.

Any one dropping off food must ensure that it is fresh and suitable to eat at the time that it is dropped off. Donated eggs and baking should be labelled with the date they were collected or baked.


Any one collecting food from the stands must make a reasonable attempt to check that they are happy with the quality of the food before they eat it.

The stand sits at 27 Victoria Street Patea.

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