Comic strips coming to The Digest…

We’ve got an awesome team on board with South Taranaki Digest, who will be publishing regular comic strips to our page and website. We’re all about sharing local news, talent, and notices. Be sure to follow our page & site for more of this creative content!

Cheers team, for coming on board đź‘Ť

Here’s a small window into our comic strip partners:

They are “Eriq Taranaqi”, self titled Dutch Kiwi cartoonist/illustrators and and art director of the NZ Outdoor magazine who came to New Zealand in 1992.

Eriq’s cartoons were published in several corporate publications and local newspapers and Justine Olckers a writer a blogger and a vlogger.

She is almost finished with her first book that’s based around her home country in South Africa and hopes to have it complete soon and published. She has been in New Zealand for just under 6 weeks.

They are both looking forward to adding some fun and humour into their new homebase of Taranaki from a different perspective..

With adding some fun and creativity in comic strip writing in the Taranaki papers and making our town have a good giggle or too.

Comic character: Here is our little character who we created who could become famous one day. He needs to shine a little.

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