4 The Iwi plan to feed those that need it in South Taranaki

A non-profit team in Hawera are starting a new venture to feed those in need across South Taranaki.

John Allen, of Whangarei and his family who have lived in South Taranaki on and off over the years, have moved to Hawera near two months ago and see there’s a need to support the community with food and comfort.

The team, “4 The Iwi” are currently seeking a premises that have cooking facilities and are meeting with a local church to pitch their ideas in the coming week.

Allen, knows too well about the hardships and current costs of living, being homeless himself in the past and seeing his family go through those same struggles.

I work between Auckland and Wellington and while traveling through other South Taranaki towns, i can see the need for our services once we expand.

Once the newly established team find a suitable location, they will be holding community meals where those that need it are able to come along and join in without prejudice or judgement.

We all live under the one roof, Aotearoa and should all be treated the same.

Find them on Facebook to know more and introduce yourself to the team.

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