Pedal Powered Pictures Supports Youth/Tech Week in Hawera

Anyone can go to the movies but going to the Pedal Powered Pictures is taking it to the next level.

The South Taranaki Mayor’s Taskforce for Jobs steering group has organised a free, community event as part of National Youth/Tech Week to be held in Dimock’s carpark, Hawera, on Thursday 23 May.

Leading up to the event Hawera High School students will be working with electrical and biking enthusiasts at DMack Engineering to build a framework to hold stationary bikes which, when pedalled, will generate enough power to screen the movies.

“We’ve purposely selected shorter, classic movies such as Buster Keaton’s “Cops” and the Pink Panther cartoons so people don’t have to pedal for too long, but we do encourage people to come along to watch as well as pedal,” says Mayor Ross Dunlop.

The bike frame will have gauges which tell the cyclist how they’re doing, and a traffic light system in front of the audience will show if the power bank needs more pedal power.

“While the movies are part of the evening, a big part of the event is the audience participation, encouragement of others and the competitive spirit between the cyclists” he says.

The Mayor’s Taskforce for Jobs is a group committed to encouraging opportunities for students to network with employers. In the project leading up to the movie night, students will experience some “hands-on-tools” time as they work on circuitry and welding, as well as the logistics of running a community event while thinking of all that goes with event management – publicity, health and safety, customer comfort and engagement.

“Our team will be setting up the framework and testing the bikes (which are provided) from 5.30 pm on Thursday 23 May. People are most welcome to watch, and test drive the kit, with the movies starting at 7 pm and running for one hour. If you’re looking for some free, family fun on a chilly mid-May night, we’d love to see you there.”

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