Family forced to live in friends shed due to rental crisis in South Taranaki

When Kirsten’s husband couldn’t work anymore due to a heart condition, her family including their 10 year and 10 month old daughters had to move from the house that came with their farm job, and relocate where he could take a job less stressful on his body.

He had a job lined up and another farm property ready to move in to but soon found out they didn’t have the job after all which left their family of four homeless.

By this time, their 10 year old had been pulled out of her school and ready to start fresh near the new family home.

Now, with all their belongings stored in a single shed, the family are currently living it rough in a double car garage at a friend’s property in Hawera.

We have our friend’s caravan in the shed and have a kitchen sink in there also, so we put our table, fridge, and couch in the shed and kind of set it up like a house.

The family have now been granted a sickness benefit to make ends meet and believe it’s this that has hindered their chances at getting into another rental property.

We have excellent references.

They’re actively seeking a farm job that comes with a house now her husband’s heart condition is under control with medication.

The ability to rent in South Taranaki is becoming impossible for many families with rising rental prices and very few new properties available.

Currently there are only 15 rentals in South Taranaki listed on ranging from $210 for a 1 bedroom in Hawera to $420 for a 3 bedroom.

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