Struggling families not represented in roadmap

Te Runanga o Ngati Ruanui Trust is raising serious questions about the draft Taranaki 2050 “Roadmap” (Our Just Transition to a Low- Emissions Economy) released today.

There are glaringly obvious gaps with the “Roadmap” in that it assumes that all in Taranaki are currently enjoying benefits of a great middle-class life style and we just need to expand and grow in a sustainable way and not go backwards; which in the ideal world is great.

Except we know and live amongst those struggling in low social economic sectors, enduring poverty in high disparity in South Taranaki who would have a very different view of where Taranaki is now and where it should go, says Debbie Ngarewa-Packer, Kaiarataki, of Ngati Ruanui.

No workshops occurred south of Hawera and it looks like they forgot about Patea and Waverley.

Taranaki is not yet very inclusive, as implied in the “Roadmap”, and the ideals articulated seem very hollow when you consider responses to Maori wards, local government exclusions and significant, under-employment and education achievement rates for Maori in the region.

What is also worrying is that the “Roadmap” does not identify any risk along the way during the next 30 years. A risk analysis would really help understand what is realistic and perhaps what is not.

Perhaps some hard questions needed to be asked from the outset about the deprived state of our current environment and those who currently enjoy the wealth of the region and those that do not. Or as the Prime Minister states, “how do we ensure no one is left behind?”

Moving to a low emissions economy is likely to mean some sacrifices will need to be made. The draft “Roadmap” does not entertain this in fact it paints a utopian world view were we can do everything and not really change, says Debbie.

A targeted strengths base model may have been more realistic concentrating on what we can achieve to really advance our economic and environmental wellbeing.

We understand this is a first draft but to completely ignore the reality some families contend with in Taranaki at the onset is wrong especially given the resources the Government has put into it. It will be interesting to see how people react to the” Roadmap” and to understand what is intended next.

We will keep asking the hard questions says Debbie.

Source: Scoop Media

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