If Nixon is elected, the youth will be heard…

To give the voters in October’s election an idea about who they’re voting for we asked all the candidates to tell us – in 200 words or less – what is the biggest issue they want to tackle whilst in council if elected.

We need to see sustainable growth throughout our district lead by, but not limited to, the continuation the current small town centre revitalisation, industrial park initiative, pathways and cycleways and Hawera town centre upgrade.

We are seeing a lack of skilled and unskilled labour in our district. Growth and employment work together and there is no one fix for this.

To help enable the above we need to look at streamlining some of our council processes.

Young people are our future and I believe they are not getting enough input into our future. Youth voice is important and they need the opportunity to be closeup with the community leaders to share that voice.

We need to continue the upgrade work of current and previous councils on infrastructure to ensure continuation of supply of our basic services.

We are seeing small population growth in our district, but I believe we do not sell ourselves well enough outside the district to promote growth. We have a diverse district which is a great place to live and I wish to see this better promoted to attract more people to move here, together we can make it even better – all balanced with affordability.

The Local Body Elections, for District and Regional Councils, Community Boards and the Taranaki District Health Board, will be held by postal vote on October 12, and the official declaration of results will be announced on October 17.

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