Mayoral candidate wants baby boomers looked after…

To give the voters in October’s election an idea about who they’re voting for we asked all the candidates to tell us – in 200 words or less – what is the biggest issue they want to tackle whilst in council if elected.

For the first time in many years we in South Taranaki have a choice to move ahead in three different ways.

How do I see the way forward?

• We need to care for our elderly because many will not be here over the next twenty years. We need to modify at least one toilet in every toilet block in the District so they are a good height and have rails, hand cleaner and a good Air hand dryer.

• Recycling products are waste unless you can find a use for them. A user pay situation will reduce the cost of rates and help people see that rubbish is a problem. Some people think that my proposal is going to cost them but the reverse will be the case most of the time.

• We need to look at the long term implications of rates as the post war baby boomers pass on leaving less ratepayers to pay. What do we have now that we won’t need in the future.
Do we need very expensive buildings that may not be of any use to future generations or do we concentrate on people first.

The Local Body Elections, for District and Regional Councils, Community Boards and the Taranaki District Health Board, will be held by postal vote on October 12, and the official declaration of results will be announced on October 17.

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