Changes to come following TDHB’s $23m deficit

The financial year for Taranaki District Health Board has closed with one of its worst deficits in recent history.

In an emailed statement to Stuff reporter Stephanie Ockhuysen,

Taranaki District Health Board Chief financial officer George Thomas said the deficit was down to an increase in staff wages, higher than expected ED presentations, treatment of more complex health issues, disruptions from industrial action coinciding with increase in acute admissions, an aging population, and a mental health service under pressure.

He told Ockhuysen, last year’s deficit and marginal increase in funding for this year was a serious concern going forward.

The District Health Board is actively planning to meet the challenge, and will soon be implementing some new initiatives and changes to our workforce that will start to transform the way we deliver some services in our hospital and in our community.

Image source: THF

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