Video accusing boy of masterbation in park under review by police

Police have advised a video published to Facebook has been referred to their Social Media Experts for review.

On Monday, Hawera man Adam Preston posted to Facebook a video showing a teenage boy that he believes had been caught numerous times in the Hawera King Edward Park masturbating.

The post reads

“this little sicko was found by me last week w******g and playing with him self in the bushes at king Edward park over little kids. I shouldn’t of taken things into my own hands but I’d rather do that then make someone’s son/daughter a victim. And today I was on my way home from work and seen him in there again. So I pulled over and took him straight to the police station!

The teenagers name and age was also published and the post was shared over 70 times within three hours.

Police were contacted and asked to comment about the Facebook post.

A spokesperson emailed that in general Police cannot respond to queries which seek to establish whether specific individuals are, or have been, under Police investigation.

However they would encourage anyone who has concerns of this nature not to take matters into their own hands and to get in touch with Police immediately.

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