The facts are clear, says TDHB

Taranaki DHB says the facts are very clear;

• For a long time, a significant number of people have used Hawera ED for their non urgent healthcare
needs rather than using their general practice (GP). Currently 64% of people come to ED with non urgent issues.

• By non urgent we mean coughs, colds, ear ache, strains, sprains and cuts and other minor injuries,
also people with long term, complex conditions.

• Providing GP health services from an ED leads to poorer health outcomes for patients, particularly
those with complex health and social needs.

• Hawera ED doctors and nurses are expertly trained to treat people who are critically unwell and have
serious and urgent medical issues. They are not trained to deliver holistic GP services.

• By serious and urgent health issues we mean heart attacks, strokes, influenza, respiratory problems
and people involved in accidents with severe injuries.

• Hawera ED sees approximately 1350 patients per month, of which 1100 are discharged within 3
hours, 200 are discharged beyond 3 hours and 50 are admitted to hospital.

Stats provided by TDHB

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