Iwi leader continues to call out TDHB CEO

Taranaki DHB CEO Rosemary Clement has gone the wrong way about proposing to manage after hours in South Taranaki and shows she has absolutely no understanding of the district’s unique health needs, says Debbie Ngarewa-Packer, Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Ruanui Trust kaiarataki.

“This is a manager who in May 2018 rejected an offer by Ngāti Ruanui to provide after-hours services. A year later, on July 29, 2019, gives GP services a two- week timeline for response to the TDHB’s idea of closing doors to members of our community in an effort to restrict those who could attend ED.

“Not once have we said ED shouldn’t be for emergencies – we have said, our services are full ‘where will the overflow of people go’,” Ngarewa-Packer says.

“Who comes to a high disparity community that struggles to secure GPs and offers no solution, no investment and instead proposes to close a service that has become essential for after-hours medical care.”

Ngarewa-Packer says there is no misinformation going on.
“In fact, what we have is a poorly thought out band-aid fix designed to cut costs. This is lazy management- surely she can find a more innovative response to addressing their growing deficit.

“This matter is so important, the whole community needs to be involved and the only viable option is to expand to a service that meets the growing needs of our community, and that’s starts with TDHB management being more transparent.”

Rosemary Clements, Taranaki DHB CE says, “It’s disappointing there are some community leaders spreading
misinformation that is simply not true and Taranaki DHB wants to put the record straight.”

Mrs Clements says, “Taranaki DHB knows all too well that providing GP health services from an ED leads to
poorer health outcomes for patients, particularly those with complex health and social needs. Right now, this is having the highest impact on Māori, children and those living in socially deprived communities and this needs to change.”

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