Ride-sharing service Uber coming to Taranaki

In a media release, Uber have announced the ride-sharing moguls will be rolling out their alternative transport option in seven new cities including New Plymouth.

The statement reads, we’re confident we can make turning on seven cities at once work because we’ve got the best technical minds – both homegrown and from around the globe – committed to making the launch a success.

The extension means New Zealand’s tally of Uber connected cities will climb from seven to fourteen. Uber is doubling our city portfolio overnight. It’s a bold, but well-researched move designed to create more transport choice while deepening the earning opportunities for New Zealanders.

New Zealand is already leading the way in new modalities, with Wellington the first city in the Asia Pacific to embrace JUMP e-scooters. Now more kiwis will get the chance to get around their cities in a safe and cost effective way.

The seven new destinations will support the great work of Uber driver partners already connecting riders in Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown, Hamilton, Christchurch, Tauranga and Dunedin.

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