Baylis is more determined then ever to win mayoralty

South Taranaki mayoral candidate Craig Baylis is determined to keep moving forward despite the fact it’s now affecting his family in a negative way.

On Wednesday, someone defending Derek, Hawera’s CBD squatter, sent an upsetting message to Baylis’s daughter.

The message shocked Baylis who posted a response on his campaign Facebook page on Wednesday night.

“To the guy who contacted my young daughter via her cellphone and isn’t afraid to use the ‘C’ word, you win, you play hard-ball politics. During crying & not wanting to go to school she begged me not to stand for Mayor.

“Since you obviously had trouble getting hold of me I’ll be at the war memorial across from the Park Store at 8am tomorrow so we can meet face to face.”

On Thursday Baylis told a Stuff reporter that he knew who the person was and they had not met his challenge of meeting him in person.

It’s unknown whether Baylis has taken the matter to the police for investigation, but the actions of the anonymous texter have been condemned on social media.

If you or someone you know has or is currently receiving unwanted messages or calls, there are options according to Netsafe New Zealand.

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