Hawera fuel station supporting schools ambitions

Do you know GAS Hawera has become one of the AASF redemption agents since 1st August 2019? You can now use your AA Membership Card or AA Smartfuel card here!

Manjeet, the owner of GAS Hawera is excited that they are finally a part of this program. Joining AA Smartfuel adds significant value to motoists in the community and brings new customers to GAS Hawera. “One of the most valuable and exciting parts of AA Smartfuel is its huge retailer partners that enables New Zealanders to accumulate huge fuel discounts simply by shopping with them.”

Manjeet said, “I congratulate my customers how much they’ve saved on fuel on every single transaction.”

Manjeet is also very active in his community and was only too happy to offer help when Tawhiti School approached him about fundraising for new technology and resources for the school. When customers spent $30 or more on fuel, GAS Hawera donated 5 cents in every litre to the fund.

“The foundation of GAS is our community-level operations, it is all about being there and taking care of my community”

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