Mayoral candidates campaign signage defaced in Pātea

Some say it comes as no surprise that campaign material belonging to Mayoral candidate Craig Baylis would be defaced following the backlash of his comments surrounding Hawera’s homeless man known as Derek.

Baylis’s campaign sign erected on the main street of Pātea has been spray painted with the word “RACIST”.

The South Taranaki retail store owner has been at the centre of controversy since moving from Auckland to Hawera with the intention to revitalise the Southern Taranaki district.

In a sit down interview with radio host Bryan Vickery on the Hokonui Taranaki show, Baylis voiced his intentions on having Hawera’s main street squatter removed as he was a contributing factor to retail stores not wanting to enter the town’s CBD and low home valuations.

Following the interview, Baylis’s daughter was contacted and abused via her personal mobile to which Baylis invited the sender to meet with him face-to-face.

The Baylis’s have been contacted for comment on the damage done to their material, however, South Taranaki Digest has had no response.

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