Dance down memory lane – the A word.. Alzheimers

For Maria Cashmore, it began three years ago when her Dad kept hitting poles on his way, nearly knocking him off the ground. “Dad, are you ok? You’ve just hit a concrete pole.” He looked at me bewildered and said “What pole?” Two years have passed, in the middle of a conversation, Dad loses his train of thought, sometimes frustrated, sometimes trying to keep a brave smile on his face.

And so, the journey began for our family and that persistent spectre that is Alzheimers disease continues to slowly sap the life of our dear father and everyone in the family. Most of the time leaving us no choice but to turn our heads away or to quickly leave the room and quietly cry while we see this unfold before our very eyes.

During World Alzheimers Awareness Month – September, please remember those suffering from the disease and their committed caregivers and families. Nobody deserves this fate but many, often in silence, embrace the burden of support.

Help us raise awareness and support “Dance Down Memory Lane”, a dinner and dance evening (with live entertainment) on 28 September at Tairoa Lodge. Tickets are for sale in South Taranaki i-SITE or go to, Taranaki Partner Dance Community Facebook-Events page or contact Maria on 027 727 1749.

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