The entire district is my focus – Phil Nixon

“The South Taranaki District Council has prioritised work to upgrade the CBD of Hawera from it’s very tired 1970’s but it can’t stop there, and it must include the satellite towns of the district.”

“In Hawera we are moving to a townscape more in keeping with a flourishing provincial town which punches well above its weight in terms of GDP and contribution to the wider economy of New Zealand.”

“But this contribution comes from the hinterland with the focus on sustainable farming and energy spread across the who district and the sacrifice in terms of rates is evenly spread between households and businesses and we want the whole district to reflect that, not just Hawera.”

“Every community has a unique personality and contribution, Eltham with its powerhouse of production, manufacturing and employment through ANZCO, Fonterra and CARAC Couplings, etc; Patea makes a contribution through cultural promotions through the Patea Maori Club and excellent Area School; Opunake as a holiday and surfing destination; Manaia the Bread Capital, with Yarrows the Bakers, to name just a few.”

“I prioritise district wide initiatives, spending, and innovation. The district has a population of over 28,000 people and every one of them should be well and fairly represented, not just those who live within five minutes of Hawera.”

“The job I want is mayor of the whole of South Taranaki and my pledge is to represent them regardless of location within our beautiful slice of paradise.”

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