‘’They are your children and our future.” – Nixon

“Engagement in education is crucial to the success of every child at school, so it is vital that schools and other learning institutions in our communities are up there with the best. Our children deserve nothing less.”

“I completed all my education locally, not just at school but through the apprenticeship scheme as I trained to be an electrician – an occupation I enjoyed for thirty years.”

“I have also directed twenty years of my voluntary community service to education through membership of several Boards of Trustees in the schools my children have attended as both a board member and chair. I have witnessed good progressive changes and some bad decisions made in education.”

‘’They are your children and our future.”

“Changes in education policies under different governments have threatened the way our schools and tertiary institutions have operated, and they still do with the changes to polytechnic’s announced recently. This is a time when South Taranaki needs experience at the helm to ensure South Taranaki does not lose out to New Plymouth, Whanganui and Palmerston North on the back of decisions driven by Central Government yet again.”

“It should be just as easy for a child in Waverley or Patea to get a modern education as a child living in Spotswood or attending, Wellington College or Epsom Girls Grammar.”
“We are training students for tomorrows world and to work in occupations which have not yet been created. This takes the best of talented teachers, the best of learning environments and children with the best prospects to flourish and grow their pool of knowledge.”

“Once graduated from high school, every opportunity must be made for young people to train locally for the skills they will need to work locally and I will collaborate with schools, WITT and business owners, to ensure that our children are delivered work ready and suitably skilled for our workforce.”

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