Ammonia spill leaks into nearby rivers, killing large number of fish

Following questions by South Taranaki Digest, Media spokesperson for Silver Fern Farms has released the following statement.

We believe the ammonia entered the stream during the emergency and fish have died. We are deeply disappointed this has happened given our commitment to our environment and the stream restoration work we had carried out on the Tawhiti stream.

Our focus is on the clean-up and to ensure no more harm is caused.

We are committed to a full investigation, but it is too early to know the cause for how the ammonia got into the stream. We will make the results of that investigation public.

We take our responsibility around our environment and our engagement with the local community seriously and have contacted local iwi to work with them to put this right.

A rāhui has been placed on the Tangahoe and Tawhiti streams by local iwi, prohibiting the collection of food or swimming in the effected areas.

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