Covid 19 update: The numbers and a message for hunters

Today we have three new confirmed cases of COVID-19 to report. 

One of these is lined to an existing case and the other two remain under investigation.  In addition to this we have also reclassified a previous probable case as not a case. 

This means the total for confirmed cases is 1,129 which is the number we report to the World Health Organization.   The total for probable cases is 347. 

This brings the current total of confirmed and probable cases to 1,476. 

There are no additional deaths to report.

There was a significant increase in testing yesterday, with 5,867 tests completed for a combined total to date of 134,570. 

Of our cases, 1,241 are reported as recovered – an increase of 12 on yesterday. 84% of all confirmed and probable cases are considered recovered.

There are 7 people in hospital today. We have no one currently in ICU.

There are still 16 significant clusters, no change from yesterday. There are no additional cases associated with any of these clusters.

Level 3 and health

As we move further into Level 3 and routine health care is coming back on line, we’ve had feedback that people may be ignoring messages about this routine care because they think it could be a mistake. 

We want to reinforce that people should keep up with regular healthcare such as childhood immunisations and smear tests.

We don’t want people ignoring text reminders because they think the clinic has forgotten to “turn off the email reminder system” during COVID-19. 


Please look after your health and keep in touch with your health professional. 

People should not delay seeking care for any health needs — either phone Healthline 0800 611 116 or contact your GP.

As usual, if it is an emergency then dial 111 and ask for the ambulance service or go to your nearest hospital emergency department.

And if you get an appointment for an investigation such as an x-ray or scan, or to get an elective operation or procedure, it is safe to do so. The hospital will have tight processes in place to keep you and staff safe. 

Section 70 Notice

An amended Health Act Order has been published on the Ministry of Health website.  You can find it via the link below:

COVID-19: Epidemic notice

The new Order amends the previous one for Alert Level 3 to specify:

  • People can travel to care for their pets or animals, because we know it’s important to look after our pets and animals. 
  • We’ve also clarified that veterinary services are permitted contact services, which means you can go into the premises to drop off your pets and animals. 
  • Hunting game birds for recreation purposes is not permitted at Alert Level 3. This means for instance people can’t go duck shooting and the like.

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