Two South Taranaki Projects Receive Innovating Streets Funds

Two South Taranaki District Council street improvement projects that will support more vibrant spaces for community and businesses have been chosen by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency to be 90% funded by the Innovating Streets for People pilot fund.

Waverley and Eltham’s town centres were chosen for the projects which will test potential street treatments aimed at reducing issues identified in the Town Master Plans developed last year including speed of traffic, noise, safety, amenity and sense of place.

The aim of running the pilot, which has been tentatively confirmed at around $450,000 for the two projects, is to test potential treatments and compare which are the most beneficial at reducing the identified issues and creating a ‘heart’ within each township. Both projects will be co designed in partnership with local communities and business people.

Waka Kotahi Urban Mobility Programme Manager Kathryn King says the Innovating Streets pilot fund supports quick, low-cost interim improvements that create more people friendly spaces in our neighbourhoods.

“By using a ‘tactical urbanism’ approach to test what works for communities we can create attractive, vibrant places that make space for people and help to support local businesses. We’re pleased to support these projects through the Innovating Streets pilot fund.”

South Taranaki Mayor, Phil Nixon is delighted with the announcement. “I’m really pleased that these projects have been funded and we can begin working with the community to enhance our town centres.”

The pilot projects will be used to inform street improvements throughout the district with timelines for the co-design and community consultation still to be finalised.

“We want to encourage locals and visitors to stay longer, be safe and comfortable in our towns. This supports our local businesses and encourages social interaction. Locals know what works and we want to encompass their experience and creativity in any final plans,” Nixon said.

The Eltham and Waverley projects are part of a $13.95 million government programme which will see around 40 projects that make streets more people-friendly being delivered across the country before June 2021.

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