Internet still down across Taranaki

A large number of customers in Taranaki - including Hawera, Inglewood, Eltham, and Stratford lost service on Wednesday morning. Following an investigation, Fibre damage was identified near Mangapouri Cemetery, Egmont Village. Around 1pm, the UFF repairmen confirmed work to repair the damage was underway. At 8pm they were still carrying out work and could not... Continue Reading →

Major internet outage across Taranaki

Update 2 The fibre repair crew is now onsite and investigating repair options. Update 1 Fibre damage location has been identified as near Mangapouri Cemetery, Egmont Village, Taranaki. Technical staff are heading to the site to find out the cause of the damage. Ultrafast Fibre have confirmed on their website there is currently a major... Continue Reading →

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