History of the Manaia Band Rotunda

The 107 year old band rotunda is one of the first major landmarks you'll see in Manaia. The rotunda was built as a memorial to those who fell in the Great War. Since then, the rotunda has had particular significance to the people of Manaia. The local brass band performed at the rotunda Friday night... Continue Reading →

High E coli levels at Kaupokonui river mouth

The South Taranaki District Council have advised that following testing, the Kaupokonui river mouth has unsafe levels of the E coli bacteria. https://www.facebook.com/SouthTaranakiDistrictCouncil/posts/2290205124362828?__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARBaAIdsmebAZiAvsGOJR7PM8VING56kbnZPg6uHTeuMVzsZpQ1s013SvMzz70-UrJsiyu3tHuQX1YzphXWfhdWf0pjLsY4B8HVW5XHx-j_GZSWOXAy8WRum-_FkI9kmbD-cHvtxaeUgkZ5GWJ_3oIvBAzvOudwoOV1xbbEVkkaxkoNC5H2vmQUgoOwCAMtRFNoz73x-fybGDoIEV8X-VH_RSY490gWFismQc5rzB3ejgY5AONYQHP5xeS_o0iH8ZiWmHGSwEl2fffizCapE7fQkiP5hWd0Y1QzbAdpSmyaYPFAjSDvnW4VGi5lQ3QDUHMjB7FszihKDFJqt5u21ow&__tn__=-R With warmer days and very low levels of rainfall, the bacteria has room to grow. The council have erected signs at the beach and will update the public after further testing. E... Continue Reading →

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