Conservation Board Welcomes Seabed Mining Case Victory

The Taranaki-Whanganui Conservation Board (TWCB) has welcomed its latest victory in a long-running court battle to prevent seabed mining off the Taranaki coast. The TWCB has been working with iwi, seafood and other environmental organisations to prevent Trans Tasman Resources from mining 66 square kilometres of South Taranaki Bight seabed for iron ore. In a... Continue Reading →

Free fresh food stand adopted in Patea

A food stand has been erected in Patea to help alleviate waste and offer fresh fruit and veg to those that need it. They are popping up all over the country as a way to share excess fresh fruit and veg within smaller communities. The stands are primarily for fresh fruit and vegetables, as well... Continue Reading →

Car crash in Manutahi, South Taranaki

Around 11.45pm Saturday night, police fire and ambo were called to a vehicle that went through a fence on State Highway 3, south of Hāwera. The single occupier of the vehicle did not sustain serious injuries and no other vehicles were involved in the accident.

Car vs truck in South Taranaki

A police spokesperson has advised of a serious vehicle accident on Ball Road, Kakaramea around 3.10 pm today. The Serious Crash Unit has been called to the scene for further investigation. Updates coming soon...

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